Christmas Holidays are here. Whether you celebrate it or not, I just want to wish you the best for these days, and a happy new year. Hope the next one will be full of new experiences, new friends and new opportunities. I was thinking about how my 2018 has been, and I would like to share with you a reflection. I want to encourage you to be different. It is thought that being different is something negative or problematic, but it isn’t. It’s the most positive thing that one could hear. The ones that are entrepreneurs, the ones that create their own projects, that like what others don’t like,… These are the ones that you should be surrounded by.

Use the social media to find inspiration and referents for you, not as a way to mesure how social you are. Over time, I have seen that people tend to think that if you don’t have many friends you are nothing. And in front of this thought, I want to encourage you to find your moments of solitude. Being alone isn’t bad. It’s wonderful to connect with yourself, to be inspired and to find a place to think, create and disconnect.

It would be fantastic if for this new year people will respect the way everyone decides to be. Don’t judge others just because they don’t like what people use to do. Don’t judge others because they read, paint, write or dance instead of being on party. Don’t judge others because they have their own project. Don’t judge others because they think different than you. Respect: this is all I ask for this 2019.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.