Hello!! How are you? Two weeks ago I received a package from Arteza with some stuff to use in my art journal, and I discovered their set of Premium Watercolors. I’ve been triying them for these weeks and today I’m going to show you some pictures of what I’ve created and the swatches of the colors.


  • Product: Watercolour Set of 36 Premium Half Pans
  • Includes: 36 half pans, a metal box and a water brush pen
  • Brand: Arteza
  • Find them here
Metal Box



  • Price. This set only costs £29.99.
  • Wide range of vibrant colors.
  • Includes a metal box and a brush pen, so you don’t have to buy it apart.
  • There’re two mixing flaps
  • There’s the possibility to refill your pans, as they’re reusable.

*Note: I highly recommend you to use this product in an appropriated paper, preferably watercolor paper (300gsm approximately). If you don’t use it, your paper may get wrinkled, and it will be difficult for you to mix colours while the paint is wet.


Here you have some pictures and a video about what I’ve been creating using these watercolors. I’ve to say that I really like them, specially all the variety of colours that include this set. Highly recommended!

Hope this could be useful for you!