Organizing individual stickers

Being organized is the key for being successful. Overtime I’ve learnt that if you want to start something, you should organize your thoughts first: your ideas, your materials… everything! And talking about organization… I’ve always had a mess regarding my stickers storage. Most of the ones that I’ve are individual ones, so I haven’t found a good way to store them,… untilnow.

Today I’m going to show you how I am organizing all my individual stickers. As you will see, it’s so easy and so useful! Keep reading if you want to know more about it.

Individual Stickers Organization

The method consist in organizing them using pocket folders. Each pocket will have a different type of sticker. So it will be easier to find them.


  • Your individual stickers
  • 2 or 4 ring folder: I’ve organized mines in a 2 ring folder, but I recommend you to use a 4 ring one.
  • Plastic pocket sheets: I’ve used sheets that contains 9 pockets on each.

Amazon option 1
Amazon option 2
Amazon option 3

I’ve bought the option 3. Read the reviews before purchasing them.

how to organize your stickers: tIPS

  • Organize your stickers depending on the style. In my case, each sheet has a particular theme: floral, vintage, labels, food, travel… Using this method will help you to find what you’re looking for in a easier way.
  • Following the same rule, organize each pocket with similar stickers: color, shape or design.
  • Don’t put a huge quantity of stickers in each pocket. Divide them, so it will be easier for you once you want to use them.
  • Put on the first pages the ones that you use the most.
Vintage stickers



These sheets have multiple uses. Apart from organizing my stickers, I’ve also done the same for my labels and die cuts. Moreover, if instead of buying a 9 pocket sheet, you buy a 2 pocket sheet, you can organize your sticker sheets (the ones that are not individual).

Hope this information can help you to organize your own mess.
See you soon,