I’m so happy to announce that I’m on Patreon. For the ones that doesn’t know what Patreon is, just let you know that is a platform to support artists. Every month, I will share exclusive content to that platform (videos about art, digital printables, snail mail, tips on how to create your page and community, exclusive giveaways and more stuff).

If you want to become my patron, you first have to choose how much do you want to donate every month, as a reward you will receive exclusive content. If you check my Patreon (laiajournal), you can find the different tiers I’ve created. Each tier has a price and an specific content. If you donate more, you will have more benefits: like exclusive giveaways or a snail mail to your house every month. (And my penpal guide!!!)

If you check my profile, you will have more information, my goals and all the process to become my patron. I really appreciate your daily support, and if you’re interested in joining this community it will be such a pleasure.