Find the best journal

*Spanish version below*

If we want to start our art journal, the first step is to find a good journal. It seems stupid, but it is one of the most important things. Feeling comfortable with your own journal, will help you to let flow your own thoughts. Today, I’m going to explain you 4 tips to make this task an easier one. Continue reading

Start your art journal

*Spanish version below*

Some of you ask me about how to start an art journal. You have a curiosity to explore this world of journaling, but you don’t know what supplies do you need or how to start creating. Today, I’m going to explain you my own experience that I hope that helps you.

I started my art journal as an inspirational journal, where I stuck photographies (from magazines, internet or taken by me) that I love together with quotes of books and poems written by other authors. Continue reading