“Sunday Reveries” is a new section on Laia Journal, where every Sunday you could download a free printable file full of inspirational quotes and pictures. The main goal is to use them on our art journals, diaries or bullet journals, and to start the week with a feeling of motivation.

Revery: A state of having pleasant dream-like thoughts

If you upload something on your Instagram using the “Sunday Reveries”, don’t forget to add the hashtag #SundayReveries. You can download a new edition of Sunday Reveries every Sunday on

*Sunday Reveries contains pictures from other creators besides me. On the bottom of the document you will find the credits to the artist.

2 thoughts on “SUNDAY REVERIES – 005

  1. I just wanted to thank you for this Sunday Reveries, all your followers can see all the hard work you put on your blog and Instagram account and I just wanted to thank you for it. It is so inspiring for me to see your journal and it helps me to keep up with my own journal and other art projects. So in all, thank you and please keep doing what you’re doing because it’s amazing.

    Greetings from Gran Canaria, Spain.


    1. Sara, thank you so much for these words, I really appreciate them. I’m so happy what I create helps you as well, this is one of the best things someone can tell you. Send u a warm hug.


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